Saturday, November 19, 2011

Church Island in Waterville Lake

I would not have thought the day could turn this nice with sunshine and all for a photo workshop on Church Island in Lough Currane. After going through my photos in the evening I chose a "few" and maybe because we always look out on grey skies lately I was a bit overwhelmed by the colours and made them even more vivid in Lightroom. Well, it really looked or felt like that with a blue sky, a calm lake and all.
The first picture was more or less an experiment whether I could read the text in the photo later and I actually can in the right size and higher resolution, I should try and get one printed.
It is always great to have experts with you on a workshop, and this time it was not only Michael who told us the best settings on the camera and angles from which to shoot at certain times with the sun coming from a direction, but also Paddy Bush, whose talks about the history of the area, of Church Island, given with great knowledge and passion for the subject I always like to listen to.

church ruin
St. Finians cell

church ruin with gravestone
a protestant ministers gravestone erected by his fifth son

old cross slab to the left
gable of church on church island

head in stones around entrance to church

somebody left a cross here on the old altar stone

two swans facing each other

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  1. Wonderfull colours on the lake and the reflection of the clouds is just fab. Trish.