Friday, June 12, 2015

Ballycarbery Castle at Over The Water, Ring of Kerry

After a long brake, the Club finally met for a new outing and due to the dull overcast we decided to head for Ballycarbery Castle at Over the Water near Caherciveen. Instead on landscape photography we concentrated on the stonework of the old ruin, mainly for black and white presentation.

Window Ballycarberry castle seen from below
Remains of stone carved window frame

Window at Ballycarberry Castle, Over the Water, wild Atlantic Way
Ivory encroaches a window opening

Raven at Ballycarberry Castle, Wild Atlantic Way
A raven circles the ruins of the Castle

Ivory covered ruins of Ballycarbery Castle, Wild Atlantic way
Ivory covers the tower remains

Ivory roots at Ballycarbery Castle, Caherciveen
Old Ivory roots climb up the castle walls

Inside the Castle ruins, Ballycarbery Castle
Inside the Castle

Colourful stonework at Ballicarbery Castle, Caherciveen
Colourful stonework arches a door at Ballicarbery Castle

Stonework arch at Ballicarbery, Over the Water, Caherciveen
More colourful stonework in the castle

Door at Ballycarbery Castle, Over the Water
View through an dilapidated gate at Ballycarbery Castle

Window at Ballycarbery Castle, Over the Water, Caherciveen
Window into a dull sky

Ivory over old stone at Ballycarbery Castle, Over The Water
More ivory covered ruins