Friday, April 1, 2016

St. Patrick´s Day Parade Waterville 2016

St. Patrick must truly be a mighty saint because he managed some brilliant sunshine on his day after four months with nearly continuous rain and gales. But don't worry, today we were back to normal with rattling roofs and soaked socks. Enjoy the bright pictures of a lovely parade put on the street by the people of Waterville, Kerry.

Nature´s treasure pot

The saint wonders: Where are they marching in?

Charlie still head down

Now Charlie is head up

Here they come


O what fun

All the Charlies are on the road

Even the tiny little ones

You don´t get away these days without the baddies

There were times when tractors did match the road size

Another beauty of times gone by

This way I could be persuaded to exercising, too

How can the electorate dare to make it so difficult for them

Treats for the kids

Heading back to the jury platform

Everyone gets a well earned medal

 All photos © Franz Schenk
Taken with Olympus E-5 and edited in Lightroom 6; special effects with Nik collection plug-in from Google