Wednesday, July 2, 2014

€800 for RNLI Lifeboat on Valentia Island

County Kerry , Photography
Money changing hands for a good cause. Photo:Cormac Dineen

From left: Paul Curtin, Willie Kunze, Leo Houlihan, Michael Herrmann, Richard Quigley, Sean Curtin, Richard Foran and Franz Schenk

Last week was the happy day when I eventually handed over €800 to members of the Valentia RNLI Lifeboat crew from our photo sale at the June Bank Holiday weekend. The  event took a lot of time and effort to organise. I would like to thank everybody from the South Kerry Camera Club for taking part and supporting this cause which is important to all of us.
A special big Thank you to Willie and Franz for getting the panels from Ballinskelligs Community Centre to Knightstown and the clever hanging system that Franz invented. The two did a great job hanging the exhibition and looking after the sales. The money was made mainly on Saturday. The weather effected the sale badly on Sunday with only a couple visitors but Willie, Hugo and Franz were minding the show and kept the spirit.
The Lifeboat station as a location for the show worked very well.
We hope to repeat the photo sale next year and with more sunshine we should easely make a few more euros for the RNLI boat on Valentia Island.
Thanks to Cormac Dineen for taking the photo with Camera Club members and Lifeboat crew in front of the Lifeboat.
Michael Herrmann