Friday, July 27, 2012

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kerry colors


                     After a few soft days we had a sunset over Valentia yon can´t find elsewhere.
                     The absent of man made  disturbance on the last picture is grace to PSE8.

All pictures © Franz Schenk

Olympus E-5, Zuiko Digital 14-54 and 50, 1:2

Sunday, July 22, 2012

Rock Art in Southkerry

The greatest concentration of rock art in the country is located in the townlands of Letter West, Kealduff Upper, and Coomasaharn. This extensive Late Neolithic /Early Bronze Age landscape is worthy of special protection.
Thanks to Denis Kavanagh for giving us the guided tour, it was an enjoyable night.

After photographing the rock art, We then went on to visit Coomasaharn lake. It was a beautiful fine evening rain free clouds and couldn't have been in a nicer spot. So picturesque and well worth visiting if near Glenbeigh, Co.Kerry.

Michael Herrmann - Since I joined The South Kerry Camera club, I have seen and learned so much about parts of South Kerry, that I didn't know even existed. All this is thanks to Michael- A great Photographer with such passion for Kerry. Thank you Michael..

Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Kerry Way in Glenmore, Waterville

I am more of a good weather walker than my darling husband who would walk and climb in any wet and boggy and soggy conditions...
so I stopped going uphill on this part of the Kerry Way and took a few photos instead.
The first photo was actually taken in Shanacnoic, it´s that waterfall you see coming from Derrynane direction between Loher and Waterville, only it did not look too impressive today it must not have rained in a while...

Tuesday, July 3, 2012


My first attempts with my studio lighting set up. I took many self portraits experimenting with exposures, and trying several different lighting set ups, the following two photos are my attempt at  Low Key portraits, of a friend and a self portrait, lots to learn yet, and welcome comments!

A good friend who turned up to see us prior to going to the UK to work, I just said sit down and look this way and bang! He wasn't expecting the session. His mum loved it but I felt the lighting was a bit flat on his face, not enough contrast for broad lighting, but I did like the separation I managed with the black backdrop, and his black hoodie.  Comments Michael please!

Yours truly, with added hair light! The craggy old face, must get some decent models...Lol

Monday, July 2, 2012

Making the most of the South Kerry rain...

All shots taken with a cannon 450D using  a screw on macro to an 18-55 lens. South Kerry sure has it when it comes to the soft rain. Taken lying down capturing the blades of grass. Some not great focus due to hand shake and little breeze. Should have got the tripod.