Monday, May 7, 2012

Nature´s Rock Art at Coomasaharn Lake near Glenbeigh

We walked along the wrong part of Coomasaharn Lake for seeing the man made Rock Art but I was very happy with Nature´s Art in the form of Lichen on the stones.
The light was a bit dull on that day and it started to rain, still, detail photography is always possible with those conditions.

I have recently started to do a bit of pottery and I thought the shapes and colours of the lichen on the stones are a beautiful inspiration for glazing the pots, only I don´t know how it could be done, yet...

Sunday, May 6, 2012

Amarylis in bloom

Our Amarylis is now in full bloom and I took a few pictures. Background was an old cloth, unfortunately quite crinkly. So I had to apply first the Photo shop noise filter brightness interpolation to smooth out the wrinkles and then applied various illumination effects of the rendering filter function. Most pictures where take with a remote controlled offset flash on a tripod. Camera was an Olympus 520 with a Zuiko digital 14-54 mm on tripod.

All photos © Franz Schenk