Monday, November 17, 2014

Rocks - with Art and without Art and a Sunset

Last Sunday Tech Amergin, Waterville has organised a workshop on Rock Art and Even guided the group after an highly interesting introduction showing Rock Art all over the world to several locations where this carvings can be found on the Iveragh Peninsula. Unfortunately the weather was not very fortunate and some of the objects had even to be inspected in the light of a flashlight. However, using this artificial lighting generated a few quite interesting pictures.
The next day the sun came out and we walked the dog on the very North-Eastern end of Valentia, on the Cliffs underneath the Valentia Radio Station.
The day finally ended with one of those glorious Sunsets which you must photograph, even if you have already loads of similar ones on your harddrive.

Stone Cross Carving above Waterville

Cups and Rings on Slab above Waterville

Engraved Cross with Cups on Slab above Waterville

Slab with above Rock Art Carvings over Waterville

Cups with Ring and other Carving

Maltese Cross and Bird on standing slabs at old Burial Ground at Teeromoyle

Cross with Cups at Teeromoyle

Maltese Cross at Teeromoyle

Rock with multiple Cups in field near Caherdaniel

Manmade Cups incorporating natural straight Cracks in the Rock

Using the Torch to bring out Carvings

Valentia Island near Radio Station

Dry Stone Wall going down to the Entrance of Valentia Harbour


Valentia Radio Station

Groove going down to the Sea

Ponds on the Cliff

Rising Tide

Sun over Bray Head

Geokaun Mountain and Fogher Cliffs

Quartz Layers in the Cliff Rocks

Wave Splash

Rocks in the setting Sun

Ancient Ruins

Sunset with Skelligs

Clouds and Sun going down

Even the Cows think it is beautiful

Sunday, November 9, 2014

Walking the Dog along the Cliffs of Valentia Island

Today I used a few hours of sunshine to walk the dog along the Cliffs on the Western part of Valentia Island. Unfortunately I took only the digicam with me which had obviously a bit of problems to cope with the dramatic however difficult light situation. Nevertheless I think some of the images do capture the beauty of the sun mixing with the stormy waters and the drifting spray.

Braking waves hit the rocks

Rocks and Foam

Boggy pool on Cliff tops

Waves roll into Inlet

Drifting Spray

A Taste of Salt is in the Air

More Brakers and Spray

Land and Water

Flying Spray

Pieces of Foam are blown up from a Cove

Monday, October 20, 2014

Photo Sale Exhibition Caherdaniel in aid of CRBI

We are having another photo sale in Caherdaniel at the October Bank Holiday weekend. The members of the club kindly submitted their best photos for the sales exhibition in Caherdaniel Community Centre. The exhibition opens Saturday 11am to 5 pm and for the same time on Sunday and Monday.
There will be calendar for 2015 in A4 and A3 size for sale too.
Please come along and make this as successful as last years event where we collected over €1500 in aid of the Derrynane RNLI Inshore Rescue Group.

Monday, October 13, 2014

Photowalk 2014 Caherciveen

This year the South Kerry Camera Club did the Worldwide Photowalk in and around the town of Caherciveen, situated at the banks of the Fertha river. We set out on Main Street and worked our way upwards along the Old Post Office Street and headed then North-East along The Old Road down to the Daniel O’ Connell Memorial Park. From there we walked back to town along the N70. The weather was overall excellent and only during the last part a few darker clouds released a couple of rain drops, just to remind us that we are  still on the Wild Atlantic Way.

Pub sign in Caherciveen, County Kerry Ireland
Pub sign on Main Street, Caherciveen

Cottage on Old Road, Caherciveen, Ireland
Cottage on Old Road

Daniel o`Connel Memorial Curch seen from Old Road, Caherciveen
Daniel O`Connell Memorial Curch

Door of derelict cottage at Old Road, Caherciveen
Old door at Old Road

Radio Mast of Garda Station, Caherciveen
Radio Mast at Garda Station

Terracota watch dog at Old Road, Caherciveen
Terracotta Watch Dog on the Old Road

Caherciveen, Iveragh Peninsula, County Kerry from the Old Road
Caherciveen seen form the Old Road

Photorapher at the Fertha river, Caherciveen, County Kerry
Dedicated Photographer takes the winning Picture

Bridge over Fertha River at Daniel 0`Connel Memorial Park
Cloud Reflections in Fertha River

Bust of Daniel o´Connell at Memorial Park, Caherciveen
Bust of Daniel O`Connell

Welcome to Caherciveen
Welcome to Caherciveen

Setting out to the Skelligs Monastry, Caherciveen
Setting out to the Rock

Eagle on Guard, N70 near Caherciveen
Eagle on Guard at the N70 going into Caherciveen

Charity Ladies for Animals, Caherciveen
Charity Ladies collect Donations for Animal Welfare on Church Street

Mike Murts Pub, Caherciveen
Mike Murts Pub Sign and Chimney Pots

Main Street Reflexions, Caherciveen
Main Street Shops reflected in an Old Mirror

Shop window in Curch Street, Caherciveen, Kounty kerry
Shop Window on Church Street

Pub long closed ago, Caherciveen
Last Call long time ago