Saturday, October 27, 2012

Portrait Session

Really enjoyed my first Portrait session with the Camera club, but our two beautiful models Alanna and Katelyn made shooting a bit easier. All taken with Canon 500D.

Friday, October 26, 2012

Portrait session-South Kerry camera club

Thanks Alanna and Katelyn for your patience and beauty, Ye were fantastic. All taken with Cannon 450D 55mm Focal length.


Thanks again to our two models for taking all the flash light and instructions for almost two hours. A very interesting evening with a theme that we should continue to practise over the coming weeks. All photos Canon 5d mkII and 1.4/50mm ©Michael Herrmann 2012

Portrait Photos 25/10/2012

On the evening of 25th October, the South Kerry camera club meeting was held at the Valentia Island lifeboat station. The club used the crew room to host a portrait shoot by the members. We were very lucky to have four models turn up, and our thanks go to them for their time and participation.

The equipment for the shoot was kindly loaned by club professional Michael Herrmann, who also gave tuition throughout. Our thanks also go to Richard Foran for arranging the venue, and supplying tea, coffee and biscuits. The following photos are a few taken by Dave on the evening, with variations courtesy of Elements 11.
A few High Key, Low Key, Sepia...etc..etc!

Who's that behind us?

A high key job!

Good to see you!

Do you like my hat?

A vignette 

Low Key

Pencil sketch!

A toss of the head!

Don't just sit there! fix my hair!

I sing misty!

Devoted sisters

Another low key!

Nice one girls!

The old Sepia raises it head! still works well today!

A beautiful girl from Germany!

Same high key!

Sisters Low Key!

Another pretty German girl!

A great smile!

Yes big sister you look good too!

My high key! Love it or hate it? I personally like it for the ladies.

But then again, nothing wrong with Low Key either!

Our two young models for the evening! very well done for a first time!
A touch of Black & White!
Sepia again!

All photos Pentax K5, Manual mode, F9, 1/90, ISO100, Studio flash!