Wednesday, June 29, 2011


In early summer the sight of bog-cotton blowing in the breeze is one of the most attractive sights on the bog.

The cotton itself is attached to a seed and is a dispersal mechanism which ensures the spread of the species. The most common species of bog cotton is the many-flowered bog cotton (Eriophorum angustifolium) which is especially conspicuous in areas which have been recently cut for peat.
These photo's were taken at 10pm and I was attacked by midgets and jumping frogs at my feet so my tripod didn't get up and my patience lasted all of five minutes so must return in better conditions before the bog cotton goes. Should have gone for a closed aperture rather than F.8. ISO bumped to 400 hence some grain. God loves a trier.

Improved version

Open Aperture

Our garden here in Kerry is full of interesting plants at the moment, always a reason to go out and inspect and to practice a bit with the camera. Even on a nice sunny day, living close to the sea means a bit of a breeze.
If you want to show your flowers or foilage clear without any movement you need a fast shutterspeed of a 1/250 of a second or even faster. I wanted to stick to my low ISO 100 too, for image quality reasons.
 I decided to keep my aperture wide open, in my case to the fully 2.8. This means a very limited depth of field, usually only a couple millimeter. The blurry background or bokeh seperates the main subject from its surrounding and creates interesting light effects. You need to practise a bit but I´m sure its a lot of fun when you see the images on your computer. Give it a try.
All photos Canon 5d, Sigma macro lens 50mm, 2.8, Aperture priority, f 2.8
all photos: Michael Herrmann

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Churches: Foilmore Co. Kerry - Cahersiveen Co. Kerry

                                                         O'Connell Church Cahersiven

                                                           Front door O'connell Church

                                                    Immaculate Conception Church Foilmore

                                                   Immaclate Conception Church Foilmore

                                                  Immaclate Conception Church Foilmore

 Deirdre Booth

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Opening of Churches of Kerry Exhibition

Martin Hayes and Pauline Bewick

Martin Hayes and Dennis Cahill performing in Tech Amergin

The opening night of our second exhibition in Tech Amergin, Waterville was a special event for the club. Journalist Frank Lewis from Killarney opened the exhibition with a very detailed speech about the photos and the group and individual photographers. He encouraged us to continue on the project. The opening was followed by a concert with Martin Hayes  and Dennis Cahill, two magical musician. I had the pleasure to talk to them and explain the exhibition, Cahill is a keen photographer himself. It was a nice moment when our great Pauline Bewick met Martin Hayes and thanked him for the fantastic night we all had.
Thanks again to Frank Lewis and Susan and Angela from Tech Amergin and well done to all club members.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Camera Club meeting- June 16th

The photos are now hanging in Teach Amergin for the exhibition on churchs which will open Sunday 19th with a guest speaker.
For our club night on the 16th we will meet 7pm at Teach Amergin, Admire and label the exhibition before finding a local spot to shoot, so camera charged, tripod and energy required. Young and Old  welcome.

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Derrynane gardens and beach Co.Kerry

We had a great evening at Derrynane Gardens 2nd June.

The Carriage picture was take during a previous visit 

Deirdre Booth

Monday, June 6, 2011

Derrynane Abbey and Garden's

This site is also known as Ahamore Abbey. It is situated on Abbey Island in Derrynane Bay. The island can be reached across the beach at low tide. The abbey was founded by St Finian around the 8th century. The remains consist of a church and two attached buildings. The east wall of the church is supported by later buttressing and contains three fine lancet windows. It is only a few metres from the sea. Within the church there are many graves including that of Mary O'Connell, the wife of Daniel. The other buildings are very ruined and contain little of interest.

June is one of the busiest months in the natural world calendar. Growth is everywhere; plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds and underwater. Profusions of wild flower colour greet us along every roadside, in every field, throughout woodlands and along the shore line. The tree canopy is filled and light previously filtered through winter's bare branches no longer caresses the ground. There is lots to see and hear.

Club night at Derrynane

A lovely night at Derrynane gardens and the Abbey, with an enjoyable pint at the Blind Piper afterwards. Company great as always. Had three newcommers tonight, Michael, Doreen and Claire. Hope ye enjoyed your night and that you will be back again.