Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Open Aperture

Our garden here in Kerry is full of interesting plants at the moment, always a reason to go out and inspect and to practice a bit with the camera. Even on a nice sunny day, living close to the sea means a bit of a breeze.
If you want to show your flowers or foilage clear without any movement you need a fast shutterspeed of a 1/250 of a second or even faster. I wanted to stick to my low ISO 100 too, for image quality reasons.
 I decided to keep my aperture wide open, in my case to the fully 2.8. This means a very limited depth of field, usually only a couple millimeter. The blurry background or bokeh seperates the main subject from its surrounding and creates interesting light effects. You need to practise a bit but I´m sure its a lot of fun when you see the images on your computer. Give it a try.
All photos Canon 5d, Sigma macro lens 50mm, 2.8, Aperture priority, f 2.8
all photos: Michael Herrmann


  1. Very nice photos Michael & instructions from the best camera club in Kerry!!!!