Saturday, February 15, 2014

Old Tree Stumps emerging from the Sand on Reenroe Beach

Having repaired the roofs again after the recent hurricane we decided today to make use of the sunny and warm spring type weather to drive down to Reenroe Beach  to give the dog a run and to take some shots of the ancient tree stumps before they will be covered  by the sand once more.

Old oak tree stumps at Reenroe Beach
Ancient tree stumps at Reenroe Beach, South Kerry

Old oak tree stumps at Reenroe Beach

Old oak tree stumps at Reenroe Beach

Old oak tree stumps at Reenroe Beach

Old oak tree stumps at Reenroe Beach

Detail of ancient tree stump at Reenroe beach
Fine Structure of the Old Oak Wood

Detail of ancient tree stump at Reenroe beach

High waves at Reenroe Beach after Hurricane
Two Days after the Hurricane the Waves are still going high

High waves at Reenroe Beach after Hurricane

All pictures taken with Olympus E-5 on tripod, Zuiko Digital 50 -200 mm with x2 Converter,
 Zuiko Digital 50 mm and Zuiko Digital 14 - 45 mm with Polarized Filter.

Saturday, February 8, 2014

Gales, Foam and Waves at St. Finian´s Bay, Kerry

Today another of this winter´s countless gales blasted the coastline of Kerry. This time I took my (hopefully) spray-proof camera down to St. Finian´s Bay, Kerry and the nearby little harbour with its slipway and pier. The sea was covered with white foam and the usually sandy beach looked like a giant cream pot had been emptied over it. I finished my excursion wit a visit to Ballinskelligs strand with its castle, the McCarthy Mór Tower House.

Gales and high waves at St. Finan´s Bay and Ballinskelligs
Huge waves keep rolling into the narrow inlay of St. Finian´s Bay harbour

Rough sea St. Finians Bay Kerry
Foam covers the waves rolling in

St. Finian´s Bay Harbour inlet with Skellig Rock at the horizon
For a short moment, a bit of blue sky allows a view of Skellig Rock on the horizon

Young seal rests from th rouhg sea
A young seal is seeking shelter and rest from the rough sea where the inlet merges into grassland

do not approach seals at shore
One should not approach seals ashore, but leave them resting. If in doubt of its well-being, contact the : Dingle Wildlife and Seal Sanctuary

Foam covered shorline of St. Finian´s Bay, Kerry
Salty foam covers the shoreline of St. Finian´s Bay, Kerry

Rocks in St. Finian´s Bay, Kerry
Rocks in the white whirl of St. Finian´s Bay

White rollers at St. Finian´s Bay
Creamy rollers come in on the shore of St. Finian´s Bay

The road along the shore is also covered in creamy foam
Road and paths along the shore a covered in creamy foam

Ballinskelligs castle with brakers
Ballinskelligs Castle, the McCarthy Mór Tower House is sprayed from the braking waves

Thursday, February 6, 2014

Old Trees Reenroe Beach Ballinskelligs

Reenroe beach has some ancient trees recently exposed when the sand was washed by the sea. A good reason for some detail photos to show our heritage. Those trees are apperently 4000 years old and were part of an oak forest.

Best time to go is at low tide, with  camera, tripod, macro or short telelens works well.
All photos were shot with a 50mm macro at aperture 5 and 9, ISO100 and edited in Lightroom.
Beware of the tide.
©Michael Herrmann 2014

Snow topped mountain viewed from Knockeen in Kerry on Christmas day

Snow topped mountain viewed from Knockeen in Kerry
Snow topped mountain viewed from Knockeen in Kerry

An unedited picture of a snow capped mountain (Knocknadobar or Cnoc na dTobar?) viewed from Portmagee (Knockeen) on a crisp but sunny Christmas day morning (2013), taken while waiting for the annual charity swim at Knockeen Pier to take place.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Another breezy day on Valentia Island

Yesterday , 1st of February, again a violent storm front passed Southwest Ireland. Early in the morning about 30 slates were ripped from the roof of our house but throughout the day the gales where too strong to think about doing any repair work. So in the afternoon we decided to stop lamenting about mother nature´s muscle play and took off to get some impressive views around the island.

Valentia Lighthouse with the waves climbing up Beginish Island 

No way to get to the lighthouse, even two hours before high tide

Valentia harbour entrance

You don't want to go any further

This used to be the well maintained road to the lighthouse

The mighty waves keep rolling in

Sun and seaspray over Valentia Radio Station

I eases up in the evening at  Foilhommerum Bay and Port Magee