Sunday, August 28, 2011

Friday, August 19, 2011

Bob Ellis - "House on Fire" photography project at Tech Amergin, Waterville

Bob Ellis-American photographer

American phographer Bob Ellis presented his very interesting portrait photograph project at Teach Amergin wednesday last. The theme of the project was if your "House was on fire" and you had two minutes to run in and get something what would it be. Mobile phones seemed to be the most common object including hard drives as People and pets were ommitted.
All his portraits were taken with natural light and only two in this series was taken with digital. Very interesting night and Bob wishes to return to do a workshop in Teach Amergin so anyone interested should enquire about it.

Saturday, August 13, 2011

Valentia Harbour, Knightstown

Taken with cannon 450D using 50mm fixed lens an 70-300mm telephoto.
Valentia Island  The Island of the oak forest. Valentia, one of the largest islands off the South West coast of Kerry, is joined to the mainland by bridge via the Portmagee Channel. The island is one of great beauty and contrast. The western part of the island is dominated by the barren, dramatic cliffs of Bray Head which command spectacular views of the Kerry coastline while the mild effect of the Gulf Stream results in Valentia's balmy climate and lush, colourful vegetation. The island's main village, Knightstown, associated with the Norman Fitzgerald family, is reminiscent of an Anglo-Irish Village with its many stately buildings and refined ambience. But the island's historical lineage goes back much further than that. Tetra pod footprints were found on the northern part of the island. These magnificent imprints of history are thought to date from Devonian times between some 350 to 370 million years ago. An important quarry on the northern part of the island which opened in 1816 still flourishes today. The famous Valentia Slate has been used in many prominent buildings including the British House of Commons in London.

Bob Ellis - "House on Fire" photography project at Tech Amergin, Waterville, August 17th, 7pm

The artist will give a talk about the project and open the exhibition. If you are  interested to be photographed and part of the project come along and meet Bob. Frankie Gavin and DeDannan concert later that night, sounds very promising.

Knightstown Raft Race 2011

 Waiting for the launch
 On the way to the startline

Off they go

 Outboard power

 On the final furlong
We MADE it

Olympus E520, Digital lenses, Automatic A+F
All photos by © Franz Schenk

Rainy Harbour

Valentia Harbour

Valentia Harbour, Knightstown at a soft evening
Olympus E520, Olympus Digital 40-150mm, F22 - all photos © Franz Schenk

Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Heron-Basking in the sun......

I saw this Heron and at first thought it was a statue but then realised it was real and to me looked to be basking in the sun. Very unusual I thought.