Friday, December 13, 2013

Portrait Session Cromane

Thanks to the girls for modelling and to David Rolt for sharing his studio with us. All taken with Cannon 7D.

Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Message from Derrynane Inshore Rescue Team

Dear Michael and Friends,
I would like to take this 
opportunity on behalf of the Derrynane Inshore Rescue Team (CRBI) to 
thank you and your friends for the wonderful Photographic Exhibition in 
Caerdaniel.  It was a wonderful success and to date has raised 2,280 
euros ( there are a few, though not many accounts to come in), from the 
sale of the pictures alone.  Donations and the auction of Vincent 
Hyland's picture of the Skellig came to 360 euros, bringing the grand 
total to 2,640 euros so far.
 We as a unit have been hit quite hard by the recession with government cut backs etc, and units like ours cost a lot of money to keep equipment up to scratch for the safety of the general public whom we try to serve and indeed the safety of of crew members.
We are very appreciative of people like yourselves who step in 
and give us a much needed hand towards running costs.
The money from the exhibition will go towards two new dry suits and a lifejacket, this comes in the region of 1,800 euros inc VAT. This new equipment would otherwise have had to be put on the long finger till funds came 
So from myself as Chairperson and Launching Authority and 
all the rest of the Committee and Crew you have our heartfelt 
We hope that with the success of the Exhibition this year ,you 
would consider making this an annual event.
We were delighted to help 
and it was great fun and interesting and it certainly helped make the 
Bank Holiday a very successful weekend in Caherdaniel,
Many thanks 
Helen Wilson

Monday, October 28, 2013

Photo Sale Exhibition Caherdaniel in Aid of Derrynane Inshore Rescue

Between the two landscape photos that I took today on my way to Caherdaniel and coming home in Waterville is a photograph of two hands with money.
This photo means a lot to me and I´m sure to everybody who had an involvment in the exhibition over the Bank holiday weekend in the Community hall Caherdaniel.

After closing the exhibition we raised over 2000€ from photo sales from the South Kerry Camera Club, and about 600 € from a donation box and a photo auction by Vincent Hyland, who donated a Skellig aerial view for the exhibition. 2600€ is a great success and I like to thank all that helped making it a great event for a great cause.
The sea is one of the worlds most popular subject for photography but it can be dangerous too. May the money we raised over the weekend help to support those who look after our well beeing .
©Michael Herrmann 2013

We are back in 2014

Derrynane Inshore Rescue would like to say a huge "thank you" to everybody in South Kerry Camera club for holding the photo exhibition/sale in aid of Derrynane Inshore Rescue last weekend. This exhibition/sale was a huge success and raised roughly €2000. This is a difficult time for fundraising and raising €2000 over one weekend is a fantastic achievement. This money will be put to good use in buying equipment etc. Again thank you and well done to everybody.

Tuesday, October 1, 2013


Last week a few days in Lisbon gave me the opportunity to get some nice shots. The ones I selected for this blog intentionally do not show the impressive historic buildings, churches and monasteries but try to concentrate more on details and rather unusual views. Pictures taken with Olympus E-5,Zuiko Digital 14-54 mm and Samsung WB750 Digicam.

Building in the 1998 Expo area

Cable Car in Expo area

Apartment building at Expo area

Vasco da Gama Bridge

Sculptures in a water basin in the Expo area

Cable car

Praca do Comércio


View from the spiral stair on top of the Elevador de Santa Justa down to the road with mosaic inlays

Back street impressions

Not such a good day

The first non-stop flight Europe-South America by two Portuguese aviators

Elevador da Bica, cable car

Madonna in a cage

Estacao Central de Rossio, train station

Mosaic on the Praca Dom Pedro IV

Advertising of a key cutter and locksmith

In a narrow street in the Alfama quarter old photographs of former inhabitants are etched on stone and attached to the houses they lived in


Rainy teatime at the Praca do Comercio