Monday, April 30, 2012

Mass Path Derrynane

On Saturday last, we used the blustery but sunny weather to stroll along the Derrynane Mass Path from Bunavalla Quay to Derrynane House and back. This walk is protected from harsh winds and leads through rich vegetation, interesting rock formations and offers beautiful views.


Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Nature in South Kerry

Stage one- The eggs

                                                        Stage 2 - The hatching

                                                      Stage 3 - Ready for flight

When looking at birds nests care must be taken not to touch or disturb the nest. My knowledge of bird's is not great but I think these are Robin red breast's. Photos taken over a period of three weeks with a cannon 450D. Is'nt nature wonderful.

These last four pictures were taken today high up in a tree, had a quick glance at the mother and think it was a thrush. Shot using a wide angle lens. It was amazing to see what they had gathered to build there nest.

Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Ballycarbery Castle, Caherciveen, Co.Kerry.

Ballycarberry castle is located in an area know as "over the water" by the locals in Cahirciveen. Situated near the waters edge you will see the remains of Ballycarbery Castle. This impressive looking castle with its ivy covered tower house was once home to the McCathy Clan and built sometime in the 15th century. It is probably the largest and most impressive castle built on the peninsula of Iveragh and is still very impressive from a distance. All photos taken on a Cannon 450D using a wide angle lens.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Loher Beach, Waterville County Kerry.

Loher beach is situated about two kilometers from Waterville village below the Ring of Kerry road. The beach is exposing some nice rocks during low tide and is a great place for evening and night photos. Watch the tidetable before you go and bring a light for the way back to the car.
All photos Canon 5d mkII, 50mm lens and tripod.

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Calla (Bog Arum, Marsh Calla)

The Calla lives during the summer in our pond and in the wintertime in a water filled bucket in the greenhouse. In the latter one I took the opportunity to experiment a little bit with close up shots, using also an offset remote controlled flash with various colored filter screens and a diffuser. Pictures taken with Olympus E520, Zuiko Digital 14-54, FS-FL36R and Tripod.

all photos © Franz Schenk

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Over the Water, Caherciveen, Co.Kerry

The old peat Factory, Over the Water, Caherciveeen

Naked stump in the foreground adds to the colourful background

We spent yet another lovely evening with the South Kerry camera club, visiting the forestry and old Peat factory Over the Water,Caherciveen. You take the road to Cuas Croom and pass the pier you follow the road until it takes you right into the forestry. This particular evening had a beautiful sky full of colours and a lovely sun comming through the trees. It is also a nice place if you like a stroll as there is a loop walk around part of the forestry.