Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Message from Derrynane Inshore Rescue Team

Dear Michael and Friends,
I would like to take this 
opportunity on behalf of the Derrynane Inshore Rescue Team (CRBI) to 
thank you and your friends for the wonderful Photographic Exhibition in 
Caerdaniel.  It was a wonderful success and to date has raised 2,280 
euros ( there are a few, though not many accounts to come in), from the 
sale of the pictures alone.  Donations and the auction of Vincent 
Hyland's picture of the Skellig came to 360 euros, bringing the grand 
total to 2,640 euros so far.
 We as a unit have been hit quite hard by the recession with government cut backs etc, and units like ours cost a lot of money to keep equipment up to scratch for the safety of the general public whom we try to serve and indeed the safety of of crew members.
We are very appreciative of people like yourselves who step in 
and give us a much needed hand towards running costs.
The money from the exhibition will go towards two new dry suits and a lifejacket, this comes in the region of 1,800 euros inc VAT. This new equipment would otherwise have had to be put on the long finger till funds came 
So from myself as Chairperson and Launching Authority and 
all the rest of the Committee and Crew you have our heartfelt 
We hope that with the success of the Exhibition this year ,you 
would consider making this an annual event.
We were delighted to help 
and it was great fun and interesting and it certainly helped make the 
Bank Holiday a very successful weekend in Caherdaniel,
Many thanks 
Helen Wilson