Monday, June 6, 2011

Derrynane Abbey and Garden's

This site is also known as Ahamore Abbey. It is situated on Abbey Island in Derrynane Bay. The island can be reached across the beach at low tide. The abbey was founded by St Finian around the 8th century. The remains consist of a church and two attached buildings. The east wall of the church is supported by later buttressing and contains three fine lancet windows. It is only a few metres from the sea. Within the church there are many graves including that of Mary O'Connell, the wife of Daniel. The other buildings are very ruined and contain little of interest.

June is one of the busiest months in the natural world calendar. Growth is everywhere; plants, flowers, trees, animals, birds and underwater. Profusions of wild flower colour greet us along every roadside, in every field, throughout woodlands and along the shore line. The tree canopy is filled and light previously filtered through winter's bare branches no longer caresses the ground. There is lots to see and hear.

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  1. Very good photos and well written text, thats how blogging should be. thanks for your work again, Trish.