Sunday, July 10, 2011

Panorama stitching Rehill lake, Canburn.

Took a walk up the hill/mountain up the back of my house to find a stunning view. This is Rehill lake I was looking down on. The other side was inny, Ballinskelligs and much more.

So many views on our door step.


  1. Trish- I love your photos- and I love this landscape as a child it was on the bus round home from school (it took a very convoluted route). I cycled to the lakes through it and went frog hunting up Bahaughs Bog. Your view of the Ferta Estuary is beautiful.
    Mary Erasmus (Kavanagh!)

  2. And this is from the girl that said she doesn't like landscape photography....Lol

  3. Yeah, David may change my mind on that. Thank you Mary for the kind comments and glad you liked it. Frog hunting that sounds exciting.