Friday, July 1, 2011

Club night- July 14th.

Hi eveyone,

Next meet for the Southkerry camera club is at Glen beach.

Time: 7pm.
Date: Thursday July 14th.

We hope to go onto Portmagee after for some reflection shots on the water.

 Also in the mean time start shooting local landscapes for exhibition which will be displayed end of July.

 Always on the look out for new members so anyone with an interest is more than welcome, beginers or advanced. Our nights generally have history as well as knowledge of photography from professional Photographer Michael Herrmann. So want to get out in the fresh air , and capture a shot to be proud of than this maybe the club for you.

Remember: Empty memory card, Camera, Tripod, good boots, coat and midge spray may be required.

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  1. Well done Trish,Now we all have details of the next meeting well in advance,good job!!!