Monday, July 12, 2010

Cahersiveen Ring Forts

Cahergall and Leacanabuale ring forts are located side by side. The one closest to you is completely reconstructed, and therefore is as perfect an example of a ring fort as you will find in the area (and there are many!)-- if not the most authentic. While Stague Fort, also on the Ring of Kerry, is in a much more picturesque setting, Cahergall has the advantage of being climb-able, and you can better check out the construction, tiny rooms, and view from the top. Therefore, its probably the best ring fort in County Kerry, and after seeing it (and climbing on it!) the others probably won't seem like much to look at.
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The two ring forts are located outside Cahersiveen in a part called Over the Water, not to far from Ballycarbery Castle which is good to see from the ring forts. Both places are great locations for photography and full of interesting details.

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