Friday, June 10, 2016

Valentia Island Lighthouse

Yesterday the club outing led us once again to Valencia Island lighthouse. Thanks to Richard we had access to the inside and could see how the lighting system was changed since the last time we visited the lighthouse in 2011. All mechanical moving parts were gone and replaced by a comparably small LED system. Luckily the original prisms are still in place and provide stunning colour and distortion effects

stair well Valentia Island lighthouse
The stairwell in the lighthouse

emergency lighting in the lighthouse operating room
Emergency light in the operating room underneath the prisms

LED light in old prisma Valentia Lighthouse
The new LED light in the centre of the old prisms. Doulus Head is reflected upside down on the prisms.

Camera reflected in prisms
My camera and Beginsh island are reflected in the prism and superimposed by the LED bulb.

prism of Valentia Island lighthouse
Looking down on the rocks Valentia Island was built on

Prism distorts Doulus Head
A prism shifts Doulus Head on two different levels

LED bulb in front of the red sector
The LED bulb in front of the lights red sector facing the Valentia harbour side.

light broken in blue colours by the prism
Looking from different angles on the prisms, various colour effects can be observed.

rainbow colours in the prism of Valentia lighthouse
More colours and the rocks near the lighthouse upside down

view of the lighthous keeper home
View of the former lighthouse keepers home through a window in the staircase.

All pictures with Olympus E5 on tripod. Copyright by Franz Schenk

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