Thursday, June 24, 2010

An evening in Paris, Valentia Island, County Kerry

For some reason the region near Bray Head on Valentia Island is called Paris. Last Thursday was a wonderful long summer evening and we decided to go there to take some sunset photos. The last mile of the road is very bad, so we left the cars and walked down to towards the sea. The Bogcotton on the left and right is in full flower at the moment and with the sun shining low, we went down on our knees to take some shots. Taking pictures against the light is most of the time the way to go when you take pictures of flowers as the light shines trough the flower. Soon we had to rush for the sea as the sun was sinking fast. After sunset the light got even better and a late fishing vessel crossed our way. there was still plenty of time to take some pictures of the waves crashing over the rocks with a long shutterspeed. South Kerry and Valentia Island on a beautiful midsummer night. Can you ask for more?

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